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About BASTA HiRo

Total Produce [Hiromi YAMADA] Renowned Japanese chef specializing in creative Italian cuisine

Hiromi YAMADA was born in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1953. He entered the world of Italian cuisine at the age of 18 and later moved to Italy when he was 27 to study Italian cooking for 18 months. He returned to Japan afterwards. In 1985, he was recruited to be the first head chef of BASTA PASTA in Harajuku, Tokyo. This was the first restaurant in Japan to feature a totally open kitchen with the spotlight on the chef preparing creative Italian cuisine using fresh Japanese ingredients. The innovative Italian food created by YAMADA ignited and Itameshi ("Ita" is short for "Italian" and "meshi" is the Japanese colloquial equivalent for "food") boom in Japan. After working as the head chef at several Italian restaurants in Tokyo, he won the title of Iron Chef on Fuji Television's food program, Ryori no Tetsujin. (The program name was later changed to Iron Chef in February 2013.) After two consecutive wins as the Iron Chef, YAMADA opened Ristorante HiRo in Minami-aoyama in Tokyo. In 1999, he was selected as the "most promising chef" in the Italian food and wine magazine, Gambero Rosso. In 2000, YAMADA served as Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato's personal chef during the Okinawa Summit. In 2009, he was invited as one of the representative at the San Sebastian Gastronomika. In addition to his restaurant HiRosofi in Ginza, Tokyo where is personally prepares the food, YAMADA is currently the master chef at 7 other restaurants. YAMADA has firmly secured his position as the genius Italian culinary chef in Japan and continues to lead the Italian food industry in Japan.

About BASTA HiRo The Beginning of the Legendary Italian Restaurant BASTA HiRo

The beginning of BASTA HiRo goes back 28 years ago to the legendary Italian restaurant named BASTA PASTA in Harajuku Jinjumae. BASTA PASTA was the first of its kind with an open kitchen in the center of the restaurant, which placed the spotlight on the chef. The head chef of this restaurant was master chef Hiromi YAMADA who led the culture of Italian cuisine in Japan. This restaurant literally ignited the Itameshi ("Ita" is short for "Italian" and "meshi" is the Japanese colloquial equivalent for “food") boom in Japan.

Authentic and Reasonable Italian Cuisine by Hiromi YAMADA

Aiming to carrying on the genes of BASTA PASTA, this new casual Italian café and bar restaurant is equipped with an open kitchen, a trademark of BASTA PASTA, and offers innovative and high quality Italian cuisine produced by Hiromi YAMADA at a very reasonable price. The name BASTA HiRo is based on this concept; "Hiro is enough" = "Hiro is all we need". BASTA HiRo offers creative and authentic Italian food in a casual setting at a accessible price.